RAS Mains

Most important stage of this exam


  • Rajasthan history and culture
  • Indian history and culture
  • History of modern world
  • Indian
  • World
  • Rajasthan
Sociology, Management, Accounts and Auditing
  • Sociology
  • Management
  • Accounts and auditing


  • Ethical Concepts
  • Ethical Thinkers
  • Ethics in administration
  • Case studies
Science and Technology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Technology
  • Indian Scientists
  • World Geography
  • Indian geography
  • Rajasthan Geography


  • Indian Polity
  • Rajasthan Polity
  • International relationship
Public Administration
  • Pub ad concepts
  • State and District administration
  • Bodies and Acts
Public Administration
  • Sports and Yoga
  • Behaviour
  • Law


सामान्य हिंदी
  • हिंदी व्याकरण (भाग अ)
  • लेखन (भाग ब)
  • निबंध (भाग स)
General English
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension, Translation and Precis
  • Composition and letter

Our Programs

To make your preparation systematic and planned.

  • Click - English Monthly current affairs compilation
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  • Click - Daily current affairs
  • Topper's copies
  • Latest Economic survey
  • SUJAS monthly Magazine
  • 2018 Interview transcipts
  • Hindi + English [paper 4] practice by covering books end to end
  • Daily writing practice
  • Post your answers and learn from each other in comment section
  • Importance of answer writing and how to start
  • Click here - To Get motivation
  • Topper's Talk [Regarding exam and life after selection]
  • Wonderful Rajasthan - Wanderlust and Cultural tour of Rajasthan
  • Good Watch - Got bored? click here


Bhawana Santani
Bhawana Santani
RAcS 2013

TEJAS Current Affairs Magazine will help the aspirants to link the static portion with current events. The questions at the end will help a student to evaluate oneself. Mentioning a PYQ related to current affairs topics is also a unique feature that no one else is providing.

Ashok Sharma
Ashok Sharma
RTS (RAS 2013)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tej Civils for finally starting something exclusively for English Medium students in the RAS Exam. The daily current affairs, PYQs, and the monthly magazine, all have been top-notch. You have our best wishes.

Chhtrapal Choudhary
Chhtrapal Choudhary
SDM (RAS 2018)

The design of this magazine TEJAS is distinct, yet the content is coherent and lucid. This magazine is one-stop-shop for all English Medium students. Events that are of national and state importance are all in the magazine. Good Luck team TEJ CIVILS for this initiative.

Co-operative (RAS 2018)

TEJ Civils is a boon for English medium aspirants. Initiatives such as Tejas (Current affairs magazine), Daily Prelims Questions on Telegram and website and Previous Years Questions will help the aspirants immensely. Kudos to your hard work and perseverance.

Shahala Khan
Shahala Khan
RAcS (RAS 2013)

The one-to-one interactions you have with the aspirants and your motivational posts on telegram will help the students prepare in an all-round manner. This will be the next big thing in RAS Preparation world. Keep Rocking TEJ CIVILS.

Hukmi Rulaniya
Hukmi Rulaniya
SDM (RAS 2018)

Being from a technical background as well as RAS topper, I have seen TEJ CIVILS work from both perspectives. Not only well-researched content, but systematic and planned delivery of material through this website makes TEJ CIVILS stand out.

Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma
RAcS ( RAS 2013 )

There has always been a dearth of material in English medium but this initiative seems to have solved that problem. Kudos to Tej Civils for such a refined work for English Medium aspirants in RAS Exam.

Vikas Prajapat
Vikas Prajapat
SDM (RAS 2018)

Despite being a RAS topper, when an English medium student asks me for a good source, I am always in a dilemma. However, after seeing the content of TEJ CIVIL on telegram and now the website, I am sure this team has the potential to solve this problem once and for all

Dr Rajesh Yogi
Dr Rajesh Yogi
JCTO (RAS 2018)

There has always been a challenge for English medium candidates to find quality content for RPSC exams. I am happy that it will finally come to an end with the advent of TEJ Civils - A team of selected, young candidates who can solve this problem forever. All the best team TEJ.